Art Academy: Sketchpad

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Release the artist within you…

Art Academy™: SketchPad puts advanced drawing tools at your fingertips with the Wii U™ GamePad controller. You can sketch with realistic graphite and colored pencils, and draw designs with pastels. Create your own masterpieces and share them with others on Miiverse™.

Colored Pencils

Miiverse lets you connect online with other gamers around the world.   

About Art Academy™

The Art Academy series provides step-by-step lessons and powerful tools to teach and encourage you to improve your drawing skills. Also available: Art Academy™: Lessons for Everyone on the Nintendo 3DS™ system, and the original Art Academy™ for Nintendo DS™.

Another Art Academy title for Wii U, including in-depth art lessons and more, is now in development. (Release Date/2015)