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Pokemon Art Academy

Become a Pokémon artist through fun, step-by-step lessons at the Pokémon Art Academy. Enroll today—you'll be amazed at what you can create.

Study along
with a friend!
Professor Andy is
here to help!

Lessons for Every Level

Start with the basics, then try more advanced techniques as you unlock new courses. Along the way, you'll get to draw Pokémon from every known region!

  • You'll start by
    learning the basics…

    Novice Lessons

  • Then move on to more
    complex drawings.

    Apprentice Lessons

  • Eventually, you'll have the
    skills to create drawings like
    this one. Impressive!

    Graduate Lessons

Check out the Lessons

Free Paint Mode

Draw any Pokémon using any tool you like in Free Paint Mode.
Challenge yourself to try out your new drawing skills!

Show off your works of art,
simply save to your SD card
and post online.

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